The Foxham Horse Show

The Foxham Horse Show committee met in early April to discuss the future of the show and with a heavy heart has concluded that the show will not run again. The show started in 1987 and right from the start has proved to be a huge success. It has grown to become a great day out for visitors, competitors and for our trade stands and sponsors too. In recent years it has also included a produce show and a dog show and has been able to attract over 1,000 visitors. As a result, we have been able to support a variety of local, regional and national charities and in the last fifteen years alone, have distributed more than £52,000 of support. This is an amazing achievement for a small village show run by volunteers.

But following a two-year break due to Covid restrictions the landscape for local shows has changed a great deal. The fixed costs associated with building the show have become extreme and the requirements for providing a safe environment for both competitors and spectators have grown to a level which the Committee feels unable to tolerate. The current economic climate adds further pressure both with rising inflation and fuel costs making the fixed infrastructure costs high and a weekend trip to a local show a luxury for many, meaning the risk to competitor numbers is too great for the Committee to underwrite.

The Committee would like to recognise the significant contribution of a number of key people who have organized and made the show possible. Gill Perrior who first imagined the show, then Camilla Glass and Jenny Wilton who took the reins before handing over to Jane and Spike Milligan. I have had the privilege for the last seven years to organise the show with an amazing committee bringing to life both a great day out and a hugely successful fund-raising event.

However, all good things must come to an end, and we cannot thank enough Cadenham Farms for the provision of the show field; our competitors and spectators for their wonderful support; our many talented judges and volunteers; and, for the committee, all our other halves who have put up with a great deal to allow the show to be the success it was. We want to bow out when the show is still a success with its fabulous reputation, providing endless happy memories. Indeed 2019 was one of our best years ever and a suitably fitting high point on which to conclude the show’s 32 year run.

With thanks and very best wishes on behalf of the Foxham Horse Show Committee